The Industry Platform for Automation

The industry platform for automation


Targeted solutions

Typically, AMP clients approach us when they are ready to automate their application processes which require repetitive actions of manual effort by skilled knowledge workers. 

In other cases, our clients seek to launch a new product or open a new channel for application submission, and seek an easy-to-implement solution to complement their legacy systems.


Digitization of paper based workflows

Most often, our clients grapple with too many documents, whether paper or soft copy, as part of their underwriting journey, which creates manual keying of data, subjective analysis, and information lost to future data analysis. 

Whatever the challenge, AMP’s CAIROS™ software provides an easy and cost efficient solution to automate your workflows.

Digitization of paper workflow


End to end customer journey

We combine strategic consultancy with pragmatic operational delivery. We’re able to take a holistic view of what’s required to achieve a goals and have the skills to deliver them.

Our work tends to focus on significant growth or change initiatives, mostly in business finance, especially SME lending.


KYC compliance automation

AMP’s KYC compliance automation solution integrates seamlessly into the CAIROS™ product suite, providing comprehensive compliance with the regulatory requirements for electronic customer onboarding, identification and verification of identity, creating a customer digital KYC profile, and generation of a digital risk grading.